Carriage House Rest, LLC

A Place for Solitude, Soul Care and Rest

We Offer:

~Self guided or custom designed retreats with complete privacy. 

~Day retreats, over nights and Sabbaticals.

~The house is fully supplied with meal options and a stocked pantry to cook food, or bring your own.

~Individual or small groups up to 8 

A portion of our proceeds go to support missionaries around the world!  Focus on Western  Indian Ministries, Window Rock, Arizona.

KiSunsets are beautiful!

Welcome to the Carriage House Rest

Our Mission:

To make better disciples by providing a private sacred space for spiritual retreat, healing, rest and soul care.

Our Vision:

To be the best local private option for small group or personal Christian retreats. 

Our passion is to provide comfort, beauty and a sacred space for soul formation, healing, and prayer.


  Welcome, to your next favorite   place to escape to!

The Carriage House Rest is an original Carriage House built to house carriages and hired hands who lived and worked on our historic Headquarters farm, in the 1890's. 

The home is a renovated two story, three bedroom home completely outfitted.

With gorgeous sunsets and sunrizes and lots of places to sit and walk, the Carriage House Rest is a simple cozy place to spend time to sit at Jesus feet and listen. Easy to get to and yet very private, located in the Iowa countryside. 

Who Are We?

We are Arnie & Peg Christensen and have owned the property for 39 years. A privately owned ministry meant to serve followers of Christ. Not to be confused with a bed and breakfast or a vacation spot or venue, but rather a sacred space meant only for being with God and spiritual intentionality. A quiet country place that feels like home.

We are not a B & B or hotel or venue, but rather a sacred space meant for intentional time set aside just for YOU or a small group to be with God or celebrate what God is doing!  That can mean celebrating your marriage anniversary, a birthday or friendships.   

Where Are  We Located?

Just off Interstate I-80 East right outside the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro area, are easy to find and very private. Our address and map can be found at the bottom of the page.

We can accomodate 1-8 guests, but 4-6 is best. And 1 is heaven!  

Day retreats, or overnight retreats and a host of retreat options can be customized for your stay to what you need and want. Take a peek at retreat options

We  offer a few custom made intensives which last 2-5 days which are fully described under the Retreat Options  tab. We also offer guided retreats on Sabbath Rest, Prayer and Learning Solitude with God. Or you can do you own thing!

With a large three acre yard to walk on and a private path mown in our timber we encourage "slow walking" for prayer. And of course lots of sitting on the various benches. Feel free to pull out a blanket from our large trunk in the house a lay on it to star gaze after dark! 

How is the House Equipped?

The house is completely equipped and supplied with everything you need. Minus the WI-FI and televisions and computers! 

We have sought to put almost everything we would want if we were there! Just poke around until you find it or text us and we will make sure you have what you need. 

With a completely stocked and equipped kitchen you don't need to bring anything if you want to just use our pantry and kitchen.


The house will be prepared for your specific needs and ready for your arrival. When you arrive the house will be open and prepared just for you or your group. Walk in and begin your journey!

Who Comes Here?

A  variety of men, and women, singles, married couples, pastors and business professionals all come to renew, refresh and to "turn off and tune in" to God for a day or two.  Every age from mothers and daughters, to fathers and sons or a friend or two come to enjoy a special time with the Lord.  Or even better coming alone to be with just Jesus!

We can offer sabbaticals as long as a month if booked far enough in advance. We have many REPEAT users that think of it as "their place" to get alone with the Lord. Private, quiet and safe.

Details of cost and options are under the Home & Cost  tab. 

What Else Do You Provide?

Everything you need is there!  Stocked pantry, equipped kitchen, linens, full-sized washer & dryer and very comfortable beds. 

We provide either guided or self-guided day retreats or over nights. Sabbaticals or quick renewal retreats for regular soul care and formation work. This is actually the perfect description of where less is more. 

If retreating in solitude is a new concept to you, we would love to be your guides!  This is the perfect private place to enjoy him without distraction.

Who Are We Affiliated With?

We are not aligned with any particular denominational affiliation but are definitely Christ centered, gospel centered and for Bible believers. So the whole house is geared toward Christian belief. Peg has been trained in offering Transformational Prayer Ministry and offers spiritual coaching and retreats on food addiction, but we are not affiliated with any one organization.

How is the House Supplied?

The house is fully equipped for your stay.

 A fully stocked pantry is there for you to cook from,(U-Meal) or a home cooked meal by me, (Us_-Meal) all designed to bring delight,convenience and comfort!. We believe in REAL food, so all the basics are there, but you can certainly bring your own food

We are very sensitive to food allergies and preferences, so just include them and what you DON'T LIKE in your reservation. I promise you won't be disappointed with the food!

There is No Technology by Design

No TV, DVR's or technology by choice.  You can fully unplug, go dark and have complete privacy. Even though there is excellent cell coverage, there is no WI-FI.  You may use your "hotspot" feature if you need to for internet coverage if you are a missionary and need to converse with away teams.

The whole idea of the house is to disengage and get away from technology and the normal rhythms of life.

One of the ways we encourage folks to lay down their technology is provided by using our SABBATH BASKET to place your electronics in along with your watch, IPAD, or you may even want to write something on a piece of paper like "my future"; to take a break and a rest from it occupying your mind and heart while there.  You can pick them up again when you leave. (You may give Peg's number for emergencies and rest undisturbed unless absolutely necessary.)

Who Uses the CHR?

Anyone wanting to connect with God. Many have said they feel his presence from the moment they arrive. I think it is more that people's intentionality of coming, opens their hearts to his presence in them!

Jesus is our now our Sabbath Rest, but learning to cease from our labor is a great reminder of what he has accomplished through the gospel.

"So then, there remains a sabbath rest for the people of God [it is available to us now]; for whoever enters God's rest also ceases from his labors as God did from his."  (Hebrews 4:9-10)

Learning this Sabbath Rest teaches us at least. 4 things: 

1. To STOP from all work both paid and non-paid.

2. To rest.

3. To contemplate.

4. To celebrate and notice what God has done.

This is  a model for living, not a new rule to keep. It is rich with the gospel and redemption story.

Spiritual Coaching and TPM and Massage Therapy

Peg offers spiritual coaching/prayer or Transformational Prayer Ministry with you at any time during your stay which you include in your reservation if desired. There is an additional fee of $35 for a 1.5 hour session.  

We also have two massage therapist we partner with who will offer 60 or 90 minute massages depending on availability. Once booked you will be responsible for paying them directly after you receive your massage.


We have a variety of Bibles, lots of books and some specifically on retreating and soul care. Some are even for sale. 


Everything in the house is meant to be used and we have made every effort to pay attention to details to have most anything you would like to be comfortable. So when you come, explore all the house has to offer!   All we ask is you care for things gently so the next person can enjoy it as well and to return them to the spot they were found.

One Full Bathroom & Three Bedrooms

There is one full bath with a shower and stack-able washer & dryer. All towels and linens are supplied. There is one Queen bed, a full sized hide-a-bed in the white couch downstairs, three twins and a two roll-aways. We can sleep 8 of one gender but you better really like and know each other!  

Six is a better fit and four is ideal, one is heaven. Depending on the amount of private space you desire. Each room has a desk, sitting chair and well lighted spaces perfect for journaling and prayer. There is only one mirror in the house by design. Our gaze and focus is meant to be on him!


Get off the treadmill of life, come away for just a while, and see what a difference it will make in your life. 

FOR RETREAT IDEAS GO TO THE  Retreat Options.  Reservations & CostAvailability See Calendar


Call or text us to custom design your own personal retreat! 


All the comforts of home without any of the cares. Look around and find all kind of delightful things for your comfort. Great books and you may even find some chocolate!

Where sunsets and sunrises inspire...

The sunsets are simply amazing here and you have full view to the west and east for both sunrises and sunsets if that is your thing.  His mercies are new everyday and there is something special is in his sunrises and sunsets that speak to our hearts if we slow down and listen. It has been said that nature is the second book of God.

So come and sit and see what the Lord might say to your heart as you sit at his feet in quiet meditation. 


So whether you are alone on your own private retreat or in with your spouse or with a small group day retreat there is plenty of space to stretch out, walk, sit and journal and best of all listen to what the Lord might say to your heart.

 A new orchard has been planted and we hope to supply fresh fruits from it in the future.

Sunrises to Greet the Day...... "Your mercies are new every morning"

We do reserve the right to decline reservations that are not in keeping with the purpose of the home or are in direct conflict with the faith based Christ centered beliefs. This space is sacred to us and we try our best to accommodate for special needs but is NOT handicapped accessible. We are NOT a venue for weddings or parties.

Country Life

 Being in  nature has been called "the second book of God". So we encourage folks to sit outside, walk on the grounds and even walk in the timber on the path to take in the wonder of God's creation. Our neighbors have cows and calves so you may hear an occasional "bellow" as they call to their babies. :)

Visitors will have ample opportunity to marvel at God's creation....breathtaking sunsets, stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife. Most of all, rest and get quiet before the Lord.

We invite you to come away to be alone with God for a time of refreshing.  Details & pricing on the reservations.

The Carriage House Retreat is easily accessible from Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa located just 12-35 miles out side the metro are. About 2.5 hours from Des Moines and three hours from Kansas City.  Please view the calendar for availability and contact us if you are interested in scheduling a retreat.

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